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Common questions about food, vineyards & your wine tour.

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Common questions about corporate wine tours for group 6+.


NC Wine Gal policies & procedures for tour safety

Wine Tour Info

All-day transportation in a comfy Ford Transit 350XL van), an NC Wine Gal driver/guide, breakfast & wine pairing before we start, and 3 vineyards with 1 glass of wine at each (3rd vineyard is a tasting). We also feature charcuterie and an Italian style picnic. 

If your group would like to meet at our pick-up locations, that is fine with us.

Charlotte:  Hygge Coworking – 330 Camp Rd Ste B-45, Charlotte, NC 28206

This depends on the weather. Many vineyards only have outdoor seating so being prepared is paramount. The tour provides water and snacks throughout the day in additional to the food. Things that have helpful to other wine goers are:

  • hat (summer)
  • sunscreen (summer)
  • gatorade or something with electrolytes 
  • bag for wine purchases
  • scarf/blanket (winter)
  • flat shoes – vineyard are uneven and heels can cause problems
  • Music playlist (we have a fun one but your group is welcome to use their own).

 Absolutely not. While we include about 4 glasses of wine, you are welcome to seek out more wine as long as it falls within our length of stay. You are also encouraged to buy bottles of wine & help support the NC wine industry.

This pairing is not meant to replace breakfast but is a fun, quirky pairing to show how fun & wine interact with one another. This occurs at the meeting location before the tour starts.

We will try and accommodate you to the best of our ability. Some substitutions may not go as well with the food. Please contact us directly if you have any special dietary restrictions that would hinder your fun.

Yes, private tours have the option of an additional vineyard with another food & wine pairing. See private tour FAQs for more.

This tour is 6.5 hours. This tour starts at 11 am and leaves the final vineyard no later than 4:30 pm.  There will be a $75/hr charge per hour for tours longer than 7 hours.

This tour is 7 hours. All tours leave the 3rd vineyard at 4 pm. There will be a $75/hr charge per hour for tours longer than 7 hours.

We are estimating a stay of  60 minutes at each vineyard.

Corporate Wine Tour FAQ

Corporate tours can be between 6 & 10 people. Please inquire if your group is larger.

CHARLOTTE: Tours are 7 hours for a 3-vineyard tour & 8 hours for a 4-vineyard tour.

ASHEVILLE: Tours are 6.5 hours for a 3-vineyard tour & 7.5 hours for a 4-vineyard tour.

Drive time to the pickup location is included in the tour time.  All tours that go assigned tour time will be charged an additional $75/hr.

Yes, all private tours receive private pickup. Please note that pickup and dropoff times count towards tour 7-hour tour time.

No, all tour dates are first come first serve.

Deposits are required if an additional vehicle is required for a tour.

We will be providing a fun breakfast and wine paring before we begin, hand-picked bottles of wine at several vineyards (5 ppl = 1 bottle), plus a wine tasting. We estimate about 1 glass of wine at each stop.

Most vineyards we visit are 75 to 90 minutes from Charlotte or about 30-50 minutes from Asheville.

CHARLOTTE: 10 am on Fridays/Saturdays and 10:30-11:00 am on Sundays.

ASHEVILLE: 11 am on all days 

Sometimes we can change the start time for the group but many vineyards close from 5 to 6 pm.

Wine Gal Tour Policies

Unless otherwise specified, no refunds are given within 72 hours/3 days of the wine tour date.

Yes, all tours enfore a code of conduct. This simply states that if you drink to excess and become disruptive or rude , you will be cut off from Alcohol and we ask that friends and family cut you off as well.


We definitley want you to have fun on our tours but want you to drink responsibly and have respect for our guides, our van and the vineyards we take you to.

No, per NC law, it is illegal to drink alcohol of any kind in our vans because we are not designated as for-hire.

Please note that any spills other than water assess cleaning fees of $200+ for any spillages.

Please see our current cleaning, drinking, and behavior policy to know what is acceptable and unacceptable on your tour.

Food and drinks can be enjoyed inside our van and wine wanderers are asked and expected to enjoy any items responsibly.

A reasonable amount of cleanup is expected after each tour but any excessive messes or spills will result in a $100 cleaning fee. Reasonable cleanup is anything that can be vacuumed without any scrubbing or extra effort. Unreasonable cleanup includes, but is not limited to, the following examples:

  • Moist or wet food that is embedded or has become dried onto seat fabric or floors.
  • Excessive spills of anything other than water.
  • Broken glasses
  • Stains in seats, floor covers, or other areas that require special solvents to remove.


Vomit or other bodily fluids in the seats, sides of the van, floors or anywhere except in the provided sick bags are to subject to a $250 cleaning fee.

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