Our Preferred Vineyards

NC Wine Gals Preferred Vineyard List

There are several wine-growing regions in the state of North Carolina. Our tours feature visits to vineyards in the well-established Yadkin Valley (the area north of Statesville and below Virginia) and vineyards in the mountain regions around Asheville. 


Both areas contribute to overall wealth of amazing wine produced in the state of North Carolina.

Charlotte Area Vineyards

Here is a list of vineyards you may see on your tour. 

  • Dynamis – Brand new luxury vineyard atop Brushy Mountain on 1500 pristine acres. Premium tours only.
  • Shadow Springs – This is a delicious vineyard making a Petite Verdot and Petit Manseng that will change humanity. Adorned with patios and a small lake, this medium-sized vineyard is fast becoming a favorite.
  • Golden Road – A gorgeous Surry County vineyard on an amazing piece of property. They offer one heck of a bourbon barrel red.
  • Christian Paul – A newer vineyard not far from Shelton. They offer great vibes and great wine.
  • Dobbins Creek – Small vineyard in the Swan Creek AVA serving up an amazing new dry Riesling and some up-and-coming Merlots.
  • Piccione – A boutique vineyard known for its Italian-style wines and one of the best views in the Yadkin Valley. They dabble in Italian reds to a gorgeous sparkling rosé.
  • Midnight Magdalena – A boutique vineyard smack in the middle of the valley, serves up some bold & delicious options. Their Provence-style rose is a game-changer.
  • Laurel Gray – One of NC’s oldest vineyards, Laurel Gray has some mouth-watering wines, which win awards and lots of them. If you haven’t had a barrel-fermented Chardonnay yet, this is the place to get one.
  • Raffaldini – This is perhaps one of Carolina’s prettiest vineyards, Raffaldini. They make excellent Italian wines and have been doing so since 2008. Their flight experience is available to private tours for a small add-on. There are size group size limits here and reservations are required for tastings.
  • Castelo Barrone – Husband & wife vineyard across the street from Raffaldini. Serving up some fantastic reds, definitely try their Tannat.
  • Brandon Hills – A small vineyard on less than 10 acres, they offer dry and sweeter style wines. We love a couple of their red wines that are setting themselves up as serious winemakers.
  • Hanover Park – French style of winemaking set around a gorgeous restored 19th farmhouse. They grow and excel in red wines like Chambourcin, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Franc.
  • Lazy Elm – A small production farmer-led vineyard that distills and makes wine on the property.
  • Curran Alexander – New vineyard on a historic farm with some amazing American history. We love their Pinot Grigio and reserve reds.
  • Junius Lindsey – A small vineyard on land that’s been in the family for 100-plus years. They focus on Rhone Valley wine grapes such as syrah, mouverdre and viognier.
  • Rayson – Rayson (formally RayLen) was purchased by JoLo vineyards in late 2023 and is soon to become a more lux-style vineyard in the Mocksville area. Premium tours only.
  • Cellar 4201 – A boutique vineyard making limited production wines that excel in red varietals such as Sangiovese & Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Stoney Knoll – This 6th-generation former tobacco farm makes some of the best Viognier (white) around. This is a great (relatively unknown) boutique vineyard open only from Thursday to Saturday.
  • Shelton – 90 minutes from Charlotte, Shelton has a litany of delicious wines. We prefer their Tannat, a French grape that packs an intense punch.
  • Haze Gray  – Owned by a retired military couple, this charming vineyard in the upper Yadkin Valley has a slate of impressive wines including a marvelous Chambourcin.
  • Hidden Vineyard – With a view of Pilot Mountain and a converted tobacco drying room into a private tasting room, this vineyard offers up some delicious wines that are sure to please. We love their Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Manseng.
  • Jones Von Drehle – Located in the upper Yadkin Valley AVA, this vineyard has some of the best bottles of wine around in our opinion. While we love most of their wines and are especially smitten with their Petit Verdot (red) and Petit Manseng (white).
  • McRitchie – With Oregan wine-making roots, this boutique vineyard produces a handful of amazing reds but also dips its toes into cider.

Asheville Area Vineyards

Here is a list of vineyards you may see on your tour. There are 2 main areas of vineyards: Hendersonville & Tryon.

Hendersonville Vineyards
  • Stone Ashe – A gorgeous boutique vineyard serving up some amazing white wines with picturesque views. Part of our premium wine service upgrade. Available to private groups only. Group size restrictions apply.
  • Burntshirt – Popular vineyard 30 minutes from Asheville serving up a large variety of local wines.
  • Saint Paul’s – A hop skip & jump from Burntshirt, this boutique vineyard has some great red wines and a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Souther Williams – This is a newer Hendersonville vineyard in a gorgeous valley. We love their red wines, especially their Cabernet Franc.
  • Sawyer Springs – A super cute vineyard that was the first to grow the Zinfandel grape in the state.
  • Marked Tree – Another example is that small production produces some great wines. The owner-designed tasting room is one you will remember. Part of our premium wine service upgrade. Available to private groups only. Group size restrictions apply.
Tryon Vineyards
  • Overmountain – This is a family-owned and operated vineyard on a beautiful property with one heck of a Petite Verdot.
  • Mountain Brook – Large vineyard with tons of outdoor space and perfect for large groups, Mountain Brook is a great stop on our tours.
  • Parker-Binns – This vineyard excels in red wine production and a mind-blowing steel chardonnay.
Asheville Wineries
  • Pleb Urban Winery – Going with an experimental winemaker’s approach, Pleb is making some interesting and tasty wines. They rely on small-batch wine and are often updating their wine menu to reflect another cool, and tasty wine.
The Dynamis exclusive tasting is available for our private Charlotte tours.