Asheville 3 Vineyard Wine Tours

Asheville Wine Tours

from $225/person
6 Hours Food & Wine Included 4-10 People

3 Vineyard Asheville Wine Tours

Join the NC Wine Gals on a 3 vineyard Asheville wine tour to NC's mountain wine regions – The Crest of The Blue Ridge near Hendersonville and The Tryon Foothills. Come see what Western NC wine has to offer! Each tour has hand-selected wine ranging from Grüner Veltliner and Chardonnay to Petite Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition to wine, we bring food that is perfectly paired & utterly delicious. Expect to learn a lot about wine, pairing food & wine, and the amazing history of NC wine. See a typical Asheville winery tour itinerary tour below. Thanks & Drink On, The NC Wine Gals

3 Vineyards

Each Asheville tour consists of 3 Western NC Vineyards/Wineries

Wine & Food Pairings

Each tour features delicious and fun food & wine pairings.

6-Hour Tour

The tour is 6 hours and lasts from 11 am until 5 pm.

Wine Gal Guide

The wine tour features a knowledgeable wine guide.

Asheville Wine Tour Includes:

This is only offered as a private tour.

  • 3 Western NC Vineyards/Wineries
  • Private pickup
  • Pastry & wine pairing at pickup
  • Charcuterie board with a curated wine at 1st vineyard
  • Food with additional curated wine at 2nd vineyard
  • Flights or tasting at vineyard stop 3
  • Keep-sake NC Wine Gal Glass
  • Knowledgeable NC Wine Gal guide
  • Water & snacks (chips & cookies)
  • Transportation in a 15-passenger Ford Transit van
  • Minimum group size for this tour: 4 people
  • Maximum group size for this tour: 10 people
  • Time Limit: 6-hour tour
  • Private tours can select vineyards from our list.
Have less time and want to enjoy the evening in Asheville? Check out our shorter 2-vineyard tour. Please click here for more info.

New in 2023 - Polaroid Picture Experience

All private tours in 2023 get their own Polaroid Go camera & a pack of film to capture all the day's memories.

Private Asheville Wine Tour Schedule

Sample Trip Itinerary

This is a typical 6-hour itinerary for our Asheville winery tours. This is a sample itinerary, your tour could be different.

Meeting Location - 11:00 am

After introductions, you will enjoy your first pairing of the day with a fun pastry and wine pairing. You will be blown away how much food changes the taste of wine.

30-60 Minute Drive

Be prepared for 30-60 minutes of driving but don’t worry, our guides have curated a fun wine tour playlist (or you can play your own). Please note that the wine van also has plenty of water and snacks for you to enjoy throughout the day.

Vineyard #1

Our first stop is our favorite stop. We serve a large charcuterie tray with a beautiful dry-style North Carolina grown rosé You will spend about an hour here and are welcome to enjoy more wine or participate in a tasting.

Vineyard #2

We dig deeper into NC wine at stop number two. This is typically where we drink a NC gorwn red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc or Chambourcin are typically served.These winers excel in NC’ s long and hot summers.We like to serve these wines with an Italian picnic filled with meats, cheeses, Caprese salad and more.

Vineyard #3

The last stop is tasting where you have the opportunity to taste the depth and breathe of NC wine. Tastings typically consist of 5+ wines ranging from white to red.

Our tours leave the final vineyard between 4 & 4:30 pm.
All tours come with a charcuterie tray!

Want a Private Tour?

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Asheville Bachelorette Party Wine Tour
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