Cleaning Fee Policy


The information on this page was updated 2/12/24.

Recently, we have had a number of incidents on our tours and must further refine our drinking, cleaning & behavior policies. Our policies are in place so everyone can have the best day ever.


Our tours enforce a code of conduct. This simply states that if anyone drinks to excess and becomes disruptive or rude, you will be cut off from further alcohol and we ask that friends and family cut you off as well. In some cases, the behavior will result in a premature end to your tour and no refunds will be given.

We definitely want you to have fun on our tours but want you to drink responsibly and have respect for our guides, our van, and the vineyards we take you to.

To further elaborate on what’s not acceptable, here are some examples:

  • No dancing on tables
  • No twerking in our vans
  • No stealing from our vineyards
  • No drinking in our vans (see more about this below)
  • No doing illegal drugs such as marijuana on our tours.

Drugs and drinking (in the van) will result in an immediate $250 charge for the incident and your tour will end!


Food, water and some alcoholic drinks can be enjoyed inside our van. Wine guests are asked and expected to enjoy any items responsibly.

A reasonable amount of cleanup is expected after each tour but any excessive messes or spills will result in a $100 cleaning fee. Reasonable cleanup is anything that can be vacuumed without any scrubbing or extra effort. Unreasonable cleanup includes, but is not limited to, the following examples:

  • Moist or wet food that is embedded or has become dried onto seat fabric or floors.
  • Excessive spills of anything other than water.
  • Broken glasses
  • Stains in seats, floor covers, or other areas that require special solvents to remove.
  • Cigarette smells from e-cigarettes or vaping.


Any liquids spilled on the cloth seats such as alcohol, coffee, or soda will result in a $200 cleaning fee.

Vomit or other bodily fluids in the seats, sides of the van, floors or anywhere except in the provided sick bags are subject to a $250 cleaning fee. In some cases, excessive wine spills in multiple places within the van will count as extreme cleaning.


Per NC law, drinking (wine, liquor, beer & malted beverages) is NOT ALLOWED in our vans. This is because we do not have a special for-hire designation on our license plate. If reported, we can incur huge fines and possible jail time.

Recently, we have had issues with groups doing illegal drugs while on our tours. This is completely unacceptable.

Guests agree to abide by all federal and state regulations and laws. Any illegal use of drugs/alcohol or illegal activity will result in the immediate termination of the tour with no refund given. Wine guests are also responsible for any fines as a result of violating this policy. This includes:

    • Any drug use in a vehicle or on the tour. Drugs (including marijuana) are prohibited by federal and state laws.
    • Any open containers of alcohol (wine, vodka, bourbon, etc) in our vans.
    • Anyone under 21 consuming alcohol.
A $250 charge will be incurred for the incident and the tour will be terminated.