Croatia Wander the Coastal Gem on the Adriatic

Wander the Coastal Gem on the Adriatic

Are you looking for something unexpected in your life? So often our days are the same routine—we go to the same coffee shop on the way to the same office to complete the same tasks…

It’s time to break the monotony and travel somewhere new. Take a look at why Croatia is where you should be wining and dining this year:

Good wine AND stunning sights? Experience the vineyards surrounding Split.

Let’s be real—vacations are great, but they’re even better with wine. Many people don’t know just how many vineyards are in Croatia, and especially surrounding Split.

Babe (pronounced bah-bay) is Croatia’s most picturesque winery. Grab a glass of ruby red Zinfandel, which originated not too far from this very vineyard.

Then it’s off to Bibich, often considered one of the best winemakers in Croatia. Here you can taste varietals of both white and red wines.

Finish off your Split wine tour with a stop at Sladic, not only for a wine tasting, but also a sampling of local produce right from their gardens.

Natural wonders and delicious dishes await in Imotski.

Hidden in the Croatian hillside lies Imotski, a small town on the border of Bosnia, known for its Blue and Red Lakes.

Called the “pearls of nature,” these small bodies of water lie deep in the ground, probably due to collapsed underground caves. Blue Lake received its name from the color of its water; Red got its name from the color of the surrounding ground.

After seeing the lakes, enjoy a dinner of peka, a local entree made of vegetables and meat, drizzled with olive oil, topped with herbs, and then baked in a dome-like dish to perfection. Add a glass of wine from the local vineyard, and you’re set.

Croatian culture abounds on the island of Korčula.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in Croatian culture, look no further than the island of Korcula.

Many traditions are still celebrated here, including Mostra, a dance with swords performed in traditional costumes and accompanied with a drum and misnice.

Korcula is also home to the posip grape, which produces a robust white wine that pairs well with seafood and shellfish.


With a name like the “Empire of Wine,” the Pelješac Peninsula is a must.

Do you consider yourself a oenophile? Then you must visit the Pelješac Peninsula, known as the “oasis of red wine.”

The slopes of this peninsula provide the perfect sunlight and soil composition for the Plavac mali grape. The reds here are robust and elegant. Milos Vineyard and Matusko Cellar produce some of the finest examples of the area’s wines.

Travel back in time while exploring the UNESCO cities of Dubrovnik and Split.

If there is one place to see in Croatia, it’s Dubrovnik. The city has been kept intact over the centuries, and its Roman architecture exudes elegance. It’s no wonder Game of Thrones chose Dubrovnik as the filming location for King’s Landing. Pro-tip: Don’t miss out on the UNESCO protected “Old City,” completely encased in a wall you can walk around on.

Then there’s stunning Split, home of Diocletian’s Palace and some of the most breathtaking views in all of Croatia. From the Adriatic to the gorgeous green palms to the age-old architecture—this city has it all.

Croatia’s calling…

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