Glamping Nordic-Style: 6 Reasons to Rent a Campervan in Iceland

Forget everything you ever thought you knew about vacationing in a campervan. Iceland has completely changed the “glamping” game. I was in Iceland a few weeks ago (trip number 7) and realized I have never been to Iceland via a campervan, so that’s exactly what I did. I spent 8 days driving around Iceland in a sweet campervan.

Here are six reasons to rent a campervan when traveling through Iceland:

Did you know you can see the majority of Iceland in only 8-10 days?

That’s right, you can see all of Iceland’s highlights in just a little over a week. If you can dedicate a whole 10 to your trip, that’s even better.

By using a campervan as your transportation means, you’re not wasting any time relying on others to get you from Point A to Point B. Trains have schedules (that are often delayed), car services may not be available when you need them, and taxis can only get you so far.

You definitely don’t want to miss out on the coolest bars in Reykjavik because of unreliable transportation!

Enjoy the luxury of a hotel room—including wifi!—but on four wheels.

If you think you’ll be “without” in your campervan—think again. Your vehicle comes complete with a bed, table and chairs, cooking equipment, refrigerator, heating system, and is wifi enabled! Yes, you can share all of your photos to social media right from your van. Plus, you’ll get to spend the night in exotic locales such as a coastal park.

And don’t worry if you’re traveling with a large group. There are different sizes of vans depending on your needs—from a solo traveler to an entire family.

Forget high hotel rates—the campervan is incredibly economical.

Worried renting a camper will cost you more than a hotel? Actually, it’s way more affordable in the long run. The average price of a hotel in Iceland is about $150 a night. Campers are only $100 a day.


Gas only costs $180 for the whole trip, which is cheaper than hiring a car service. And while campsites are $15-$20 a night, that’s still not as much as a hotel room.

You get to choose your route.

With a campervan, you are in control of where you travel each day as well as how long you want to stay there. Loving a city more than you thought you would? Stay. Not as thrilled about a museum as you thought you’d be? Leave.

The best way to see Iceland is by circling the entire island. You can choose to go clockwise or counterclockwise—do you want to start in dramatic Southern Iceland or save it for a grand finale? The choice is all yours! Above photo is me near Jökulsárlón lake.

Take advantage of local amenities!

Wondering how you’ll shower? Take advantage of local pools! For only $10 a day, you can soak in a hot tub, chat with the locals, and end your stay with a shower. Ladies, there are even hair dryers, so save that packing space for something else.

Save yourself a headache—make a reservation (especially in the summer!) and check out the Camping Card.

Not surprisingly, campervans are a popular way to see Iceland, so be sure to rent one as soon as you have your travel plans together. This is even more crucial during the summer’s high season.

Finally, don’t miss out on getting a camping card. One payment gives you access to over 40 different campsites around Iceland.


Iceland awaits…

Ready to start your own Icelandic adventure? Click here for more information about how you can see Iceland this year. Or, if you’d like to ring in 2019 under the Northern Lights, click here to book your New Years trip now.

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