Uncovering Southern Croatia’s Vineyards

If Anthony Bourdain loves it, odds are good you’ll love it too. And when he visited Croatia, he couldn’t stop raving about the amazing food and wine throughout the country.

Let’s dive into Croatia’s must-visit vineyards and their tremendous wines:

Zinfandel fans will love visiting the beautiful Babe Vineyard.

Outside of Split, Croatia’s second largest city, lies the beautiful Babe Vineyard, known for their Zinfandel, which originated nearby centuries ago.

Zinfandel is a light-bodied, yet bold red, making it a fantastic varietal. With hints of different fruits, black pepper, and even licorice, you can’t miss the awesome aromas of Zinfandel. Babe also has rosé and other red varietals from plavac mali grapevines.

Babe Vineyard is known for being the most picturesque of the Southern Croatian vineyards. With views of the coast and mountains, you couldn’t ask for a better backdrop for your wine tastings.

You can’t leave Croatia without visiting Bibich Winery.

The quintessential winery in Croatia is without a doubt Bibich. This is the very winery where Anthony Bourdain famously fell over after having so much of their delicious wine. And after you taste it for yourself, you’ll understand why!

If you taste only one wine here (and you should taste as many as you can), don’t miss Bibich’s masterpiece, the Bas-de-Bas. This wine sells for over $80 a bottle, with most prices being around the $100 range. But to taste it right at the source—nothing can compare.

Need a meal after all that wine tasting? Head south to Skradin, a small town on the Dalmatian coast with a wonderful culture. The Town Centre still has centuries-old buildings, including an ornate cathedral. You’ll find Croatian dishes here, like grilled fish and squid ink risotto.

Grabovac Winery has been passed down through the same family since 1812.

Inland of the Dalmatian coast lies Imotski, a rural town known for its pastoral landscape and tranquility. And nearby is Grabovac Winery.

Grapevines have been grown in this region since ancient times, but not many Croatian vineyards can say they have stayed within the same family for multiple centuries. Grabovac is the exception.

The vineyard has been passed down through the Grabovac family since 1812, and they have the documents to prove it. Why is this such a big deal? It means their wine is of a high quality since the land has been carefully cultivated by the same family for 200 years.

Grabovac is also one of the most prolific winemakers in the area. With so many varieties and styles, you’re sure to find a wine you’ll fall in love with.

Grabovac hill vineyard in Imotski.

Wine and dine to your heart’s content at Matusko Wines.

Is there anything better than a glass of wine? Maybe adding a marvelous meal to compliment it! And you’ll have that opportunity at Matusko Wines.

Matusko is a vineyard, tasting cellar, and restaurant all on the same property. The winery is in the dingač wine region and is known for being one of the top producers of the red wine. Matusko’s reds pair particularly well with meat and seafood dishes, all of which are available at the property’s restaurant.

And don’t miss out on sampling their locally grown olives and olive oil!


Taste incredible wine from Southern Croatian vineyards this year…

Can’t imagine going another day without sampling Bibich’s Bas-de-Bas? We understand. Book your tour through Croatia’s notable wine regions today to discover it and many other irresistible varieties.

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