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Bachelorette Wine Tour Info

Common questions about food, vineyards & your wine tour.

Logistics & Other Questions

Learn more about pick up, group size & cancellation policy

Bachelorette Wine Tour Info

  1. Visits to 3 NC vineyards
  2. Charcuterie board & curated wine at 1st vineyard (1 bottle per 3 people)
  3. Sandwich board or snacks & wine at the 2nd vineyard
  4. Multiple bottles of wine at the 3rd vineyard
  5. NCWG Wine Glass or wine tumbler
  6. All-day transportation in our NC Wine Gal van.
  7. Knowledgeable NC Wine Gal driver/guide
  8. Snacks & waters
  9. Polaroid camera + roll of film
  10. Private pick up
  • Charlotte bachelorette wine tour is 7 hours.

  • Asheville bachelorette wine tour is 6 hours.

Groups can opt to extend their tour time for $100/hr. Just inform your guide and pay them directly for the extra time.

Time difference between Charlotte and Asheville has to do with drive time to the vineyards as Charlotte is further away.

This depends on the weather. Many vineyards only have outdoor seating so being prepared is paramount. The tour provides water and snacks throughout the day in addition to food. Things that have helped to other wine goers are:

  • Valid ID
  • hat (summer)
  • sunscreen (summer)
  • Gatorade or something with electrolytes 
  • bag for wine purchases
  • scarf/blanket (winter)
  • flat shoes – vineyard are uneven and heels can cause problems
  • Music playlist (we have a fun one but your group is welcome to use their own).

Coolers are permitted. Just remember space is limited.

Absolutely not. While we include about 4+ glasses of wine, you are welcome to seek out more wine as long as it falls within our length of stay. You are also encouraged to buy bottles of wine & help support the NC wine industry.

We will try and accommodate you to the best of our ability. Some substitutions may not go as well with the food. Please contact us directly if you have any special dietary restrictions that would hinder your fun.

We are estimating a stay of 60 to 75 minutes at each vineyard.

Yes, you can go to as many vineyards as you want in the allotted 6/7 hours. You can purchase extra time ($100/hr) as well.

NC Wine Gals are responsible for alerting vineyards that you are coming and we will do that for the 1st 3, anything after that is the responsibility of the group.

For the most part, our wine tours are best experienced outdoors. Sometimes, there will be opportunities to be seated indoors or under covered spaces, but it’s important to know that Carolina summer gets very sunny and very hot. Please dress for the weather for your tour.

All of our bachelorette tours come with a Polaroid camera and a roll of film so they can document the day as they see fit.

The bachelorette tour is specially designed for celebrating ladies (and fellas) during bach weekends.

These tours include more wine per person than our traditional private wine tours.

Logistics & Other Questions

Yes, the bachelorette wine tour receives private pickup.

Just inform us of your hotel, home or Airbnb address at least 5 days prior to your tour.

Please note that drive time to/from the pickup location is included in the tour time. All tours that go over the assigned tour time will be charged an additional $100/hr.

We can accommodate up to 10 people on Saturday tours. If your group is larger, we suggest booking on Friday or Sunday, as the vineyards are much less crowded.

For most tours, we use a Ford Transit 15-passenger van.

In rare cases, we have used two vehicles for groups larger than 7.  Let us know if that is going to be an issue.

No, per NC law, drinking wine, beer, and other malted beverages in our vans is not legal because we are not designated for hire.

Please note that any spills other than water will assess cleaning fees of $200+ for any spillages.

Please see our current cleaning, drinking, and behavior policy to learn what is acceptable and unacceptable during your tour.

CHARLOTTE: 10 am on Fridays/Saturdays and 11:00 am on Sundays.

ASHEVILLE: 11 am on all days.

Sometimes we can change the start time for the group but many vineyards close around 5 pm.

A $35 per person non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a tour date. This money applies to your balance. Booking insurance is available for each tour & protects tour cancellations.

We purchase 1 bottle of wine per 3 people with wine served at all 3 stops.

Most vineyards are 75 to 90 minutes from Charlotte and 30-50 minutes from Asheville.

Unless otherwise specified, public-facing tours do not offer refunds within 72 hours or 3 days of the wine tour date. However, you can receive partial credit toward a future wine tour if you need to reschedule.

For all private tours, no refunds are given 14 days before a wine tour. All deposits are kept and not refunded. We recommend purchasing insurance during the booking.


Our policies sometimes change, so always check here for the most current one.

Please see our current cleaning, drinking and behavior policy to know what is acceptable and unacceptable on your tour.

Basically do not spill anything other than water in our vans and we won’t charge you $100+. This applies to bodily fluids too. They are a pain to clean!

Our tours enforce a code of conduct. This simply states that if anyone drinks to excess and becomes disruptive or rude, you will be cut off from further alcohol and we ask that friends and family cut you off as well. In some cases, the behavior will result in a premature end to your tour and no refunds will be given.

We definitely want you to have fun on our tours but want you to drink responsibly and have respect for our guides, our van, and the vineyards we take you to.

To further elaborate on what’s not acceptable, here are some examples:

  • No dancing on tables
  • No twerking in our vans
  • No stealing from our vineyards
  • No doing illegal drugs such as marijuana on our tours.

Drugs will result in an immediate $250 charge for the incident and your tour will end!

We offer a 30% discount for non-drinkers. In place of wine, we provide sparkling water.

Just let us know at the time of booking or at least 5 days before your tour if you have a non-drinker.

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