Release Your Inner Viking in Iceland

Vikings have long left their mark on the country of Iceland from their language to their thirst for a good adventure. You too, can release your inner Viking by considering your own Viking adventure by going to Iceland.

Vikings Explore…

Starting in the 800s, large groups of Scandinavians from Denmark and Norway left their homelands, seeking adventure and fortunes elsewhere. Around 870 AD, the first group of Vikings landed on Iceland shores. 

Viking Ship Statue

Be your own Viking by exploring the beauty and culture of this island nation. Everywhere in Iceland is beautiful and bewildering and your eyes will never get bored. There are so many things to see like waterfalls, glaciers and to do like hiking up a fjord or soaking in the thermal waters of the Blue Lagoon. Better yet, drink it up at any of the cool Reykjavik bars, just make sure you go at happy hour.

Vikings Conquer…

As the Vikings explored, they also chose lands to conquered. Late in the 800’s Ingólf Arnarson led a group of colonists to settle Iceland. The society they established was fiercely independent and operated under a governing body made up of an assembly of men, that many claim as the world’s oldest parliament.

Viking Turf Roofed House

Conquer your fears and some new challenges by racing in one of the several marathons Iceland hosts each year such as the Midnight Sun Marathon in June or the Reykjavík Marathon in August. This marathon in particular is very popular, in part because of the great weather and fun atmosphere. Large crowds gather in the streets to cheer on runners, there are mile marker DJ’s spinning music, live bands and lots of cow bells. Even if you don’t run, Culture Night is one heck of a party. Vikings know how it is done.

Culture Night in Reykjavik

The Icelandic descendants of the Vikings have carried on the celebrations with Reykjavik’s Culture Night which includes the marathon. Nearly a third of the population comes out for  carnival like experience with rock concerts, food trucks and even a corner rave. The event culminates with an elaborate firework display over the harbor. Book your Iceland experience today and release your inner Viking!

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