Colombia’s Calling: Answer for the Adventure of a Lifetime


Tired of the same old stresses at the office every week? Then it’s time to leave your work woes behind and embark a Colombia adventure trip of a lifetime in the heart of South America…

Embrace being a “tourist” during your stay in Bogota.

What better way to start off your Colombian adventure than with a stop in Bogota, the country’s capital city.

Yes, Bogota is a total tourist city—but there’s a reason for that. The “place” to go for Colombian fare is Andrés Carne de Res, a mini-chain restaurant known for its steaks and “more is more” decor (think chandeliers and Catholic iconography).

Just north of Bogota is Usaquén, a colonial town great for shopping and dining. Pro-tip: Don’t miss the Mercado de Las Pulgas for local artisan crafts and street food!

History and art aficionados should stop by the Museo del Oro for an array of pre-Hispanic gold artifacts and to learn about Colombia’s indigenous tribes.

Canyoneering in Colombia is a must.

Ever heard of canyoneering? In the States, it’s pretty popular in the Southwestern national parks, but they can’t compare to the canyoneering experience in Colombia.

Canyoneering combines hiking, rappelling, and swimming into one extreme activity. In this case, you’ll be “hiking” through a river—more like jumping from rock to rock and swimming some—and rappelling down a waterfall.

Does it get any cooler than that?!

Hike through the páramo, or alpine tundra, which can only be found in five countries around the world.

Looking for a true once-in-a-lifetime moment? Imagine standing amidst the peaks of the Andes Mountains, the world’s longest (continental) mountain chain, in an incredibly unique ecosystem. The páramo, found in only five countries in the world, lies above the forest of Colombia, but below the snowline of the Andes.

This is definitely a time to make sure your phone is completely charged—you won’t want to miss out on the hike’s breathtaking backdrop!

Go white water rafting at Chicamocha Canyon, with stunning sights that rival even the Grand Canyon.

You’ve “canyoneered” through a river—are you ready to raft down one? Some of the best rapids in Colombia can be found at Chicamocha Canyon. This canyon might not be as long as the Grand Canyon, but it’s deeper and has equally incredible views.

Take a wild ride on the Chicamocha River’s Class III and IV rapids, plummeting you through the deep canyon for an excursion you won’t soon forget!

Soar high above Colombia’s natural wonders via parasail or zipline.

End your adventure in Colombia with the most extreme excursion yet—parasailing over Chicamocha Canyon.

You’ll be getting a completely new view of the canyon you just rafted down—this time from the sky above. And if the idea of parasailing is just a bit too extreme for you, there’s always ziplining in the national park!

Adventure on…

Looking to add some excitement to your travel plans? Colombia has it all—history, recreational activities, stunning sights, electric nightlife—this is a country ready for all eager wanderers.

Ready to cross a Colombia adventure trip off your travel bucket list? 


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