Superior Sensations and Divine Destinations: 6 Reasons Why Portugal Should Be Next on Your List


Looking to immerse yourself completely in a country’s culture next time you travel? Look no further than Portugal, full of foodie delights, impressive wines, and so much more to explore.

Here are six reasons Portugal should be the next destination on your list:

Discover why Portuguese food is Europe’s best kept secret.

It’s been said that Portuguese seafood is the best in the world. With bodies of water like the Atlantic and Douro River, fresh fish fill the markets and restaurants of Lisbon and Porto. And you can’t leave Portugal without a can (or two!) of tinned sardines or tuna—they make a great souvenir!

If you have a sweet tooth, Lisbon’s the place for you. On almost every street corner, you’ll come across a pastry shop. Indulge in a signature pastel de nata—a custard tart sprinkled with cinnamon.

For such a small country, Portugal has such an abundance of good wine.

Did you know Portugal is home to many different grape varieties found nowhere else in the world? So if you don’t recognize the grape on the label—that’s a good thing!

But one varietal you’ve definitely heard of? Port! And it comes from the Douro Valley, right outside of Porto. While this dry red pairs well with many meals, it’s typically enjoyed as an after-dinner drink.

Just north of Lisbon is ‘Lisboa,’ a wine region stretching northwards along the coast. Here you’ll have the opportunity to sample many varieties, including the full-bodied arruda and rarely found colares (its grape grows on coastal cliffs!).

Dining amidst Lisbon’s famous fado music is an absolute “must.”

In the evening, as you walk through Lisbon’s streets, listen for the melodious melancholy music known as fado. For centuries, musicians have been singing the sad songs of “fate,” with beautifully passionate lyrics accompanied by string instruments.

You can enjoy these musical musings for yourself in a fado cafe or restaurant. Eat, drink, and let your mind be consumed by this classic artform in Portuguese culture.

You won’t believe how breathtaking the beaches are.

Azure waters flow through naturally carved arches and onto white, sandy beaches… This is Portugal’s coastline.

The breathtaking beauty of Portugal’s coast can easily be seen just outside of Lisbon. Portinho da Arrábida lies on the edge of Serra da Arrábida National Park, a short bus ride from the capital. Hike through rolling terrain to the beach, and be sure to bring a camera and picnic. This beach’s beauty is world renowned—you may never want to leave!

And for those who prefer a crafted cocktail just steps away, there’s a beach for you too! With Lisbon and Porto both on the coast, your perfect paradise awaits!

Portugal has quietly played a huge part in the world’s history.

You may not think of Portugal as a historical mecca, but without the Portuguese, the Americas may not have been discovered when they were. Afterall, it was Portugal who ignited the “Age of Discovery” back in the 1400s.

In modern history, Portugal fought with the Allies in World War I and helped the British during World War II, allowing them to use air bases on Azores. Without their efforts, those wars would not have been the same.

Much of Portugal’s history is protected as UNESCO Heritage Sites, such as the town of Sintra, the Douro Wine region, and the Monastery of Alcobaca, just north of Lisbon.

Your visit could help a student in need.

Ever heard of responsible tourism? It’s the concept that when you travel as a tourist, you’re making a positive impact on your destination. This practice is important when traveling—but it’s also entirely possible to practice it from your point of origin.

By traveling to Portugal, you’ll be donating to Classroom Central, a non-profit helping students receive the resources they need to excel in school. It’s a win-win situation: You get to travel to Portugal and indulge in all it has to offer, AND you’re helping a student in need.

Portugal is only a click away…

Ready to hit the beautiful beaches on Portugal’s coast? Or maybe you’d like to sit back and relax with a glass of wine while listening to fado music? Click here to book your spot for the trip of a lifetime. You’ll be helping a local student and enriching your life—what could be better?

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