Where to Travel in 2019: A Trip for Every Wanderer

Let’s face it—there are only so many days in a year, and even fewer of those days you can devote to traveling. But with a ton of choices—from where to go, to what to do—how do you decide which trip to take?

While we can’t make the decision for you, we did put together this list of our 2019 trips—and the personality types who would love each of them!  This is where to travel in 2019!


The Eclectic Traveler

Are you the type of wanderer who wants to do it all when you travel? Then consider a trip to Iceland, where you can easily circumnavigate the entire island, in just a little over a week!

From dining in Reykjavik, to soaking in a thermal bath, to hiking on a glacier, you’ll get an amazing taste of all Iceland has to offer.

The Explorer

Up for an adventure? You can’t miss the opportunity to trek the Himalayas in Nepal. Home of the world’s tallest mountain, Mt. Everest, only the bravest of travelers can venture here.

If jungle exploration is more your speed, take on the spirit of Indiana Jones and wander through Colombia and discover the country’s extensive history along the way.

The Sophisticate

Do “refined” and “enchanting” describe your perfect holiday? Then you must visit Bordeaux, the French region that Queen Elizabeth described as “the very essence of elegance.”

Great wine, fine dining, stately chateaus, and stunning scenery take you from the everyday to the extraordinary.

The Runner

Already conquered most marathons in the States? Then it’s time to go international, and get your marathon “on” in captivating Croatia or inspiring Iceland.

Imagine the breathtaking backgrounds while running along the Dalmatian Coast. Or how about the beauty of Iceland’s natural wonders? Either way, it will be the marathon of a lifetime!

The Oenophile

If you’ve been to Napa, you’ve covered “the basics.” And if you’ve been to Italy, you’ve taken the “next steps.” But until you experience the wines of Portugal (the “deep cuts”), you really can’t call yourself a true “oenophile.”

The obvious “must try” is port, which originated in the Douro Valley just outside of Porto, but don’t count out Portugal’s many other wines just waiting to be appreciated!

The (Almost) Local

Is your motto “do as the locals do?” Do you find yourself trying to “blend in” while you wander? Then Croatia is the country for you!

Get off the grid and create your own tour with activities like truffle hunting in Croatia’s forests, wine tasting in the countryside, and sunbathing on a remote island beach. You’ll see the places only the natives know—and get to experience the “real” Croatia.

The Foodie

If you aren’t eating well, is it even a vacation?!

Food to you isn’t just sustenance—it’s a passion! You take pride in discovering delicacies around the world.

So why not let your next gastronomic discovery be on Lisbon’s culinary trail? Portugal’s delicious dishes will enthrall your senses with savory bites, alluring aromas, and picturesque presentations.

So… Who are you? And where will you travel in 2019?

Did you find the personality that best matches you? Or maybe you saw a personality you’d like to be on your next trip? We’d love to help make that dream a reality. Get in touch to book your 2019 destination today!

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