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4 Reasons Solo Travel Is the Best Kind of Travel

Ever wished you could travel on your own, but you weren’t sure exactly how to go about doing it? These days, more and more wanderers are opting to travel solo—leading the way for others to do the same! Take a … Read More

Where to Travel in 2019: A Trip for Every Wanderer

Let’s face it—there are only so many days in a year, and even fewer of those days you can devote to traveling. But with a ton of choices—from where to go, to what to do—how do you decide which trip … Read More

Colombia’s Calling: Answer for the Adventure of a Lifetime

  Tired of the same old stresses at the office every week? Then it’s time to leave your work woes behind and embark a Colombia adventure trip of a lifetime in the heart of South America… Embrace being a “tourist” during … Read More

Superior Sensations and Divine Destinations: 6 Reasons Why Portugal Should Be Next on Your List

  Looking to immerse yourself completely in a country’s culture next time you travel? Look no further than Portugal, full of foodie delights, impressive wines, and so much more to explore. Here are six reasons Portugal should be the next … Read More

Glamping Nordic-Style: 6 Reasons to Rent a Campervan in Iceland

Forget everything you ever thought you knew about vacationing in a campervan. Iceland has completely changed the “glamping” game. I was in Iceland a few weeks ago (trip number 7) and realized I have never been to Iceland via a … Read More

Uncovering Southern Croatia’s Vineyards

If Anthony Bourdain loves it, odds are good you’ll love it too. And when he visited Croatia, he couldn’t stop raving about the amazing food and wine throughout the country. Let’s dive into Croatia’s must-visit vineyards and their tremendous wines: … Read More

Croatia Wander the Coastal Gem on the Adriatic

Wander the Coastal Gem on the Adriatic Are you looking for something unexpected in your life? So often our days are the same routine—we go to the same coffee shop on the way to the same office to complete the … Read More

Have Your Own “Age of Discovery:” Discover Portugal This Year

  What comes to mind when you think of Portugal? Port wine? Fútbol? How about the Age of Discovery, during which the Americas were found? Gear up for your own “Age of Discovery” and discover Portugal’s vibrant cities, Lisbon and … Read More

Travel Disaster survival guide

Travel Disaster Survival Guide

  There are a couple core truths in the life: death, taxes and travel disasters. I have been to nearly 50 countries and have dealt with them all. Here are the biggest disasters I have had to face and a … Read More

Bucket Countries + Travel Philosophies By Big Fat World Tours

  Hello Wanderers! Thought I would do something different in this post. I have been travel blogging for years and many of your know I take other like-minded travelers to my favorite places. After 2 years, I decided to invite … Read More